Don’t let the opinion of others crush your dreams…
Write it down
What do you need to do to achieve it?
Write it down
Set deadlines
Write it down
Open that book everyday, like you do your smart phone
Be obsessed in achieving it
Never give up
Don’t listen to the self doubt
Tick off each step towards your dream
Start again – New Dream
The 10% do what the 90% don’t. If you don’t have it written down you won’t do it, and saying that the plan is in your head is bullish*t excuse to be mediocre.
Spend time investing in YOU, in your dreams and make it routine, every morning, every night, have those dreams visible and say I WILL…
Overcome that negative dialogue in your head which is going on even when you don’t want it to, you have to overpower it and tell that voice to SHUT UP, scream it out loud in the shower, the car, wherever!
During those down moments is where the magic takes place.
If you want to change remember it takes courage to act, to make that first step, some people will have you think it a’int easy.
Your time is limited, don’t let the opinion of others drown out your inner voice, find what you love and do it.