The Story So Far

Hi! I’m Kevin,

Coach, speaker & lifestyle freedompreneur!

I’m based in England but also work in the United States & Caribbean.

I was born in Trinidad but raised in London, quiet as a kid, got louder as a teenager and absolutely hated speaking in crowds. In my 20’s I became curious in supporting others with their personal growth, which eventually led me to my life purpose.

Throughout my career I’d had amazing jobs; years of experience as chief executive officer, earning awesome money and travelled the world.

I stumbled across an article on Coaching, and after reading the first few lines I immediately knew this was it. I booked a flight to New York, hired a World Class Coach and that was the start of me taking control and changing my life. For the first time ever I invested in ME.

I trained at the world famous Co-Active Institute, in New York City & Chicago. I was professionally certified through CTI’s International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited programme, which is the most rigorous and respected standards in the industry. The Co-Active Coach training programme is hailed as the ‘Gold Standard’ by the Institute of Coaching, a Harvard Medical school affiliate. I am a ICF professional certified coach PCC.

During that transition I was impatient, battled with the fear of failure (failed lots) and of course lots of what if’s! My head was full of doubt, every morning was a fight with my saboteur but I fought back. I’ve wanted to quit so many times but my passion for coaching is intoxicating.

I had this vision of myself beyond who I was.

Always trust your intuition.

We all know what happens when you quit, but if you keep going…

Fast forward to the present, and I’m grateful to be part of human transformation and what really brings them alive. I coach and give speeches to, ExecutivesBusiness ownersIndividuals and Organisations from around the world.

They hire me because they want to make significant changes in their lives or organisations defining and creating their future success.

My coaching transformed their lives by giving them total clarity and confidence to operate at peak performance. Everyone I work with is different and I design a unique programme for that person where they have 24/7/365 access to me

I won’t give you the answers but help you find them and that’s freedom.