Why taking control of your routine during the lockdown will benefit your mental health.
With impact that the coronavirus is having on all of us it’s easy to fall into a bad routine. During these testing times the world is in a place of uncertainty and with drastic changes to our usual routine as well as being in the same place for a long period of time it’s important that we take control for our mental health.
In a recent update from Mind they stated that although things may be difficult and stressful there’s a lot that we can do to do to help our mental wellbeing.
Here’s 5 tips on you can consciously choose a routine rather than falling into one.
Get yourself into a new routine and not one that you’ve slumped into. In the morning, hydrate, breakfast and throughout the day eat nutritious food at set times. Take control of developing poor bedtime habits and ensure you’re consistent with your sleep pattern.
The night before make a list of items/tasks that need to be done for the day ahead as this will keep you structured.
You can see my previous article on Purposefairy ‘the most important 20 minutes of your day’ this goes into more detail.
Exercise – Movement
Whether it’s a walk, yoga or a home workout exercise is a MUST.
We’ve seen lots of personal trainers and health experts offering free online classes on all social platforms.
Remember the guidance from the government is that one trip outside for exercise is okay, but please maintain your social distancing. Getting out the house (especially if you have kids) will stop you from feeling restricted and frustrated.
Whilst we all practice self-isolation we’re seeing more of us connect virtually. Touch base with your family, friends and have a think of someone who you’ve not connected with for a while. Also think of anyone who may be alone and check in on them. I use Zoom and WhatsApp mostly and they’re both free!
A virtual coffee, lunch etc. is very impactful and lots of fun!
I’ve mentioned this to my clients but Netflix Party on Google Chrome enables you to watch a film together in sync, pause, rewind all in sync and there’s also a chatroom available whilst you watch your film!
Mindset & Motivation
Meditation, Music, Podcasts, Reading, Writing etc. get these into your day.
Keep an eye on your usage a client of mine said that his went up 48% in a week. Don’t touch your phone for the first 20 minutes when you wake and the last 30 before bed.